My Friend Misery

I’d like to very sincerely thank my friend William for teaching me a valuable lesson today. Those of you who know me are well aware of the coarseness of my language. I’m apt to throw out a curse as easily as if it were a greeting. Well, because of my friend William, one specific curse will never again cross my lips: Go to Hell.

This morning I got a glimpse of Hell through the eyes of my poor friend and I’m here to tell you that it is a very real place and one that I would no longer advise anyone to travel to, even for a short visit.  You see, my friend William is an Ole Miss fan and their football season just ended after the first game.

When you are a SEC team, you should never lose to lesser opponents. And if you lose to a lesser opponent that is not much more than a high school team, well your season effectively ends. This is what has happened to Ole Miss.

I tried to imagine what that must feel like, to have something so eagerly anticipated end so abruptly and unceremoniously. I tried to imagine it but I just couldn’t really wrap my head around it.  Were I in his position, I’m fairly positive that I would just die.  “Where’s LeRoy?”, friends would ask. “Oh, he’s dead”, would be the sad reply. “Dawgs lost their season opener against Kirby High so he just up and died”, the explanation would continue. “How sad”.

The Original Rebel

You were right, Admiral.  Guess it was a trap.


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