Week 2 – South Carolina Gamecocks

I’d meant to make this post yesterday but with the breaking news of A.J.’s suspension, I just didn’t have it in me. Since then, I’ve had a good night’s sleep (roughly 4 hours) and a wonderfully relaxing morning and early afternoon (worked all day) and so I’ve collected myself a bit and I’m ready to move on. So here’s my write-up for the upcoming game in Columbia, South Carolina. I’ve got some pretty strong opinions on the A.J. saga but I don’t really trust myself to write anything about it at the moment.

Who do you reckon is more annoying? Someone who’s never accomplished anything yet comes across as smug and self-important or someone who’s won it all, twice, and continues to let everyone know all about it. Constantly. I’m not so certain, myself. But at any rate, the South Carolina Gamecocks definitely fall into the former category.

Every year, before the season starts, South Carolinians anoint themselves as World Champions. They’ll beat anyone, anywhere at any time because, you see, this year, they have more talent than the rest of us. This year, they’ve got more returning starters than the rest of us. This year, they won’t fall apart the last half of the season because they’re just that much tougher than the rest of us. This Year. It’s always This Year with them. That is, until we reach the part of This Year when, like last year, they fall apart the last half of the season. It is at this point that This Year then turns into Next Year. “Yeah? Well, just you wait until Next Year, buddy. We’ll see who scores 41 points on whom…Next…Year…”

I have a certain respect for a fan base that is ever the optimist. Game after game, Williams-Brice stadium fills up with garnet and black hopefuls despite their record This Year. Or last year. And come Next Year, you can bet that Williams-Brice will be full again. It’s really quite beautiful.

And with those kind words out of the way, let me just say this about the Gamecocks: Fuck ‘em. They kept us out of the SEC Championship and possible National Championship 3 years ago and I haven’t forgotten. Their head coach is Stephen Orr Spurrier. He was a Heisman Trophy quarterback at the University of Florida and when he took over the reins there as head coach in 1990, he made sure to pay us back for the beating we gave him his senior year (keeping them from winning the SEC). Apparently, he hasn’t forgotten either.

When the Gator Bowl was being renovated during the ’94 and ’95 seasons, for the first time in the history of the series, the location of the Cocktail Party alternated between Gainesville and Athens. In ’95, we were coached by Ray Goff, a former UGA quarterback who was promoted from Recruiting Coordinator to Head Coach after Vince Dooley retired at the end of the 1988 season and no suitable replacement could be found. Goff was a hell of a quarterback and a very, very good recruiter. But, man was he a bad head coach. During that ’95 game, Dawgs were hopelessly outmatched by the Florida squad. And, late in the game, when Spurrier was informed that no one had ever scored 50 points on the Dawgs Between the Hedges, well, the Gators went on ahead and put up 52.

And why am I talking about the Florida Gators in a preview for the upcoming South Carolina game? Because beating the team means nothing to me (that’s actually a huge fucking lie). After all, the Gamecocks are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. But beating the man…that is everything. I relish every chance I get to see it happen because it was all too rare an occurrence when Spurrier coached a real football team in the Florida Gators.

With all that said, it would not surprise me if the Gamecocks end up winning this game. Although we are almost always the better team, talent-wise, Spurrier is somehow (seriously, I think he must have some of Mark Richt’s hair or toenail clippings…that motherfucker got to have a mojo working, you know what I’m saying?) always able to will his team towards playing us tough. And this year, we have a redshirt freshman quarterback playing in just his second collegiate contest, on the road.

This will be a tight one.


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