Scorched Earth Policy

There are so many things to say regarding the A.J. Green situation. Doubtless, he was at fault because he broke a rule. He sold his own property and therefore deserves to have a third of his junior season taken away from him. From us. A third of a season that is likely to be his last as a Georgia Bulldog. Because he sold his own property.

This makes just as much sense.

Never mind that a player from another SEC school received a lesser punishment for taking $1,800 from an agent. Never mind that a player was convicted of robbery and kicked off his previous team before being declared eligible to play for another SEC school. Never mind all that. Punish with extreme prejudice the guy who sold his shirt.


So you know what this means when we head to Columbia, South Carolina to face off against the Gamecocks? Our defense is going to have to get after their asses, as Erk would say. Or, when in mixed company, get after them aggressively. Either way, it’s time to hit a motherfucker. We’ve had our warm up game. We’ve seen what Grantham’s Ferocious Street Gang can do. Now let’s show Sakerlina. With extreme prejudice.


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