Game Night

Alright, Dawgs. It’s the first night game of the year for us and our first trip to Starkville since 2005 (hope everyone remembered to bring their passports). We’ve heard all about how big this game is for both sets of collegiate canines, about how both teams are still searching for their first conference win of the season and about how pivotal this game can be for both teams. But enough about both teams. I’m only interested in one team and so, I suspect, are you.

My interest in this team has led me to:

  • Propagandize the demonization of our opponent’s head coach.
  • Summarize a folksy truism about hard work and a dairy product.
  • Gormandize (had to think about this one for a minute) our opponent’s mascot.

Hell, about the only thing I haven’t done is prophesize (sorry) an outcome. But that’s not something I’m too terribly interested in doing. Matter of fact, the last time I predicted an outcome for a Dawgs game was Coach Ray Goff’s first year as head coach. Now, I know what you’re thinking here. Given Coach Goff’s record as a Dawgs coach, I’m not sure many folks proclaimed too many victories prior to kick off during those years. At least not out loud, so’s anyone could hear, anyways. But I predicted a Dawgs’ victory over the Gators that year. By ten points, in fact. A lot of my friends thought I was absolutely crazy. If you’ll recall, Florida still had Emmitt that season. Yeah, we ended up winning by only a touchdown but, I swear, we sat on the ball near the end, when we were already in field goal range. Stupid good sportsmanship.

So, yeah, I feel like I’ve done my part in being a good fan this week. And now, as we approach two hours before kick off, I can be at peace with myself.* I’ve done what I can and now it’s time to see what the Dawgs can do. Man, I can’t wait.

Go, You Silver Britches!

*I’ve explained that I am man at peace with himself because I’ve done everything within my control to help our boys. But, mainly, this peaceful feeling is a result of a massive adrenaline crash. That’s what happens when you drive home from work with your eyes closed and find that you’ve actually survived the trip.

Superstitious people should have right of way.


One Response to “Game Night”

  1. Wow, way to finish the drill. Wish I had 30M before taxes for 10 years.

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