Due to a longstanding and completely arbitrary superstition that I suffer from, I always look at Tuesdays as the actual start of  the game week during football season. Basically, after a game has been played, I spend the remainder of the weekend and the following Monday absorbing everything I can find about it. This can range from anything including articles, both online and in print, to television news segments, replays of the game, commercials telling us of the replays of the game and, hell, even randomly flashing red and black lights hold my attention as I wait to see if maybe the Dawgs are about to come on. And here’s the superstitious part: once Tuesday rolls around, I cease viewing anything about the previous week’s game. To do so, in my strange way of thinking, is to evoke doom upon our team.

However, in celebration of the adjustments to our team that our coaches will surely make as we progress through this season, I’m willing to make an adjustment of my own. And, honestly, it wasn’t that hard of an adjustment for me to make. I’m done flagellating myself and I’m ready to move on. So for this week, I’m shifting everything back a day. I, therefore, proclaim today as the start of the buffalo hunt.

Victims of the buffalo wings industry.

Prior to the season starting, I gave a little thought to our schedule and how things might play out each week. I did this in an effort to imagine possible storylines that might develop and how I’d go about using these as material for my write ups. One such scenario that I envisioned centered around this particular week. My thinking was that, after a tough three-game stretch, Dawgs would be thankful to head west yonder to Boulder for an easier match up against the Colorado Buffaloes. So I figured that this write up would be about how the Dawgs were going on R&R, China Beach style. No such luck.

But before I continue, I’d like to take a moment to point something out. Each week, I do a write up which consists of me rambling on tangentially about our upcoming game. If you’ll recall, I opened last week’s “preview” of the Mississippi State game with a quote from Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror along with these lines:

“…it’s time to dig deep within ourselves. It’s time to start with the man in the mirror.

A few days later, what do we see in Seth Emerson’s Bulldogs Blog? Here’s what:

After an unprecedented (for him) third straight loss, Mark Richt said it was time for he and the Georgia football team to “look within.”

Along with this:

“I need time to watch and reflect.”

Now, earlier in this post I mentioned how I’d thought about this game week during the off season and how I might reference the television show China Beach with Diana Ross and the Supreme’s Reflections for this write up. So, basically, what I’m saying is that I seem to have developed the power to put words or thoughts into Coach Mark Richt’s head through my selection of music for this blog. Yes, it’s crazy, I know. Crazy like a Dawg.

You understand what this means, right? I’m going to need your help wielding this new power because we could possibly have an effect on Coach Richt’s post-game comments. If anyone has any suggestions of appropriate music for this week’s “preview” on the Colorado Buffaloes game, I’d love to hear it. Strangely enough, I’ve thus far had no luck finding any songs containing lyrics about wiping Boulder, Colorado off the face of the planet through SEC-style football. So we’re going to have to come up with something. Because while we might not be traveling far enough west to get a glimpse of bat country, make no mistake, we go where the buffalo roam. And I’m sad to say that for this Dawgs team, these buffalo we face might have teeth.




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