Word is Kris Durham, who suffered a neck stinger in the final quarter of Saturday’s game, is recovering well and should be good to go for our game against Colorado. This is huge for us because Kris has really stepped up his game this season and made some pretty big plays for us, including catching Aaron Murray’s first collegiate touchdown pass.

On top of that, The Anti-Orange Page‘s transcription of this week’s Bulldog Hotline reveals that right guard Chris Davis, who has been hampered by hip and knee injuries, is “ready to go”. Hopefully, his return to health can help spark our woefully underperforming offensive line, particularly in the area of inside blocking.

And although fullback Shaun Chapas was listed as ready to go this past Saturday, he ended up only playing sparingly in the second quarter. It sure would be nice to get Chapas back after losing him to an ankle injury midway through the first half of the South Carolina game three weeks ago. The offensive line can use any little bit of help it can get with blocking. And there ain’t nothing little about Chapas.

I feel like I’m leaving someone out. Who am I missing?

Oh. Right.

I don’t know that A.J. is a cure all for our offensive malaise. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that his addition back onto our starting roster can only be a good thing. And besides, I like watching him play. And there are precious few games remaining for us to see him in the Red and Black.

I really hope to see some drastic improvements with our offensive play come Saturday. Not only do we get our most dynamic playmaker back on the field, we also return some pretty important players to help. In fact, other than possibly missing Chapas, we return just about everyone. But you know what? The following scene from The Professional just isn’t as effective with Stansfield yelling “Almost everyone”! So we’re just going to hope that Shaun Chapas makes a full recovery by this weekend.


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