We’re all aware of the power that well-crafted words can have on a populace. Come to think of it, not so well-crafted words can incite all sorts of powerful emotions as well. Feel free to insert your own political jokes. I’m here to talk about the Dawgs. And so with this in mind, I’d like to take a brief look at some statements made recently by Colorado Buffaloes head coach, Dan Hawkins:

“I respect Mark Richt as much as anybody in the profession. He’s a great coach, and they’re a great program. And I don’t take a lot of stock in the fact they’ve dropped a couple of games here. They’ve battled. They had a great game against Arkansas and had a chance to win that game. You can see how good Arkansas is based off their game with Alabama. Then last week they just had things not go their way.

You feel bad, really, for any coach. They just couldn’t get a break. You just have a play and a penalty and a play and a turnover or something like that. But they’re a great football program, and they’re a good team, and he’s a good coach. They’ll be ready to go when they get here.

The bye week was good. We got a few guys healed up, and we were able to get some things done both for Georgia and just fundamentally. It will be nice to have a game to point to this weekend.”

I don't think that means what you think it means.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Did he just say what I thought he said? If we take a closer look at these statements and make shit up read between the lines, something much more mean-spirited reveals itself. Take a look:

“I [am]… respect[ed]… as much as anybody in the profession. He’s a… coach, and they’re a… program. And I…take a lot of stock in the fact they’ve dropped a couple of games here…They had a…game against Arkansas…”

See what I mean? And then he gets personal:

“You…bad, really, for…[a] coach. They just… break.”

Not really sure what he means by “They just… break” but it can’t be good, right? Because the implication is that something is broken or not functioning. Coach Hawkins breaks it down further for us:

“You just have a… penalty and a… turnover or something like that.”

Man, you got that right. I mean, hey! You take that back! But I digress. Coach Hawkins leaves us with a final parting shot as we are all but told that his Buffaloes expect to run our Dawgs out of town:

“They’ll be ready to go when they get here…bye. It will be nice to…point.”

I don’t know about you but that kind of chaps my hide just a bit. I’d say that I won’t stand for it but I kind of have to on account of the whole chapped hide thing. But I ain’t happy. And our Dawgs shouldn’t be either. Anybody got Coach Mark Richt’s email address?


One Response to “Misinformation”

  1. […] These here Buffaloes are going to be fired up for our game this Saturday. And remember, Dan Hawkins hates Mark Richt. One of his teams came on down to Athens a few years back and they left feeling not all […]

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