A Year Ago

My niece is year old today. After her birth, I quickly sent her a gift to make sure she’d end up rooting for the right Dawgs. You see, she lives in Seattle and I was scared to death that she’d end up a Washington Huskies fan. To make matters worse, while my sister is a UGA alum, her husband as well as other family members on his side are all Kansas State Wildcats alums. On top of that, he met my sister as she was continuing her graduate education as an Iowa State Cyclone. There’s still hope, though. My father was a faculty member at UGA. However, he and my mother now live in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is right down the street from Tempe, home of the Arizona State Sun Devils.

So little Tessa is going to feel the pull of a whole lot of allegiances. But who knows? By the time she gets to college, she might be attending a new university on a new planet. And guess what that planet is called? Planet G. I’m cool with that.

So far, so good. Go Dawgs!

Oh no. A Rose. Rose Bowl. That means a 12-PAC school, right?

Happy Birthday, little girl.


2 Responses to “A Year Ago”

  1. We have similar issues in our house. My step-mother graduated from MS State, my sister-in-law & husband from UT Knoxville, my brother from Vandy. I have a brother-in-law that grew up an AL fan who now lives in GA, and my father-in-law is an AR fan (and that’s where we currently live! It gets pretty confusing on game day whose jersey he should wear. But I usually dress him and I’m a Memphis Tiger, so he’s usually in blue!

  2. Ain’t college allegiances grand? It’s part of what makes college football so much more interesting to me than the NFL.

    Go Dawgs! and Go Tigers!

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