Week 5: Colorado Buffaloes – The Continuing Story

Once again, we find ourselves facing a big game in a must-win situation. Much like last week, we go into a hostile environment to a match up that many during the preseason counted as an easy win for the Dawgs. But now I’m not so sure there are any easy wins this season. And to further add to our burdens, we’re going to be facing a team who has had an extra week to prepare and who is honoring the 20th anniversary of their Consensus National Championship season during the halftime of our game.

Take that, Tech.

Let’s face it. These here Buffaloes are going to be fired up for our game this Saturday. And remember, Dan Hawkins hates Mark Richt. One of his teams came on down to Athens a few years back and they left feeling not all that welcome. Then the following year, another one of Coach Hawkins’ teams came on back to Athens only to helplessly watch as the Ginger Ninja swooped in to replace Matthew Stafford and lead our boys to a win. That’s two different teams in two different years lead by Coach Dan Hawkins and beaten by the Dawgs. I’d say he’s looking for a little pay back this year.

And so what do we have to do to get win out in Boulder? We’ve seen our Dawgs struggle in many aspects of the game and, frankly, there are times when we just haven’t been playing very good football. This needs to change. The defense needs to stick to its assignments and play smart to start and finish the drill. And on offense, hopefully, the return of a healthier Caleb King as well as the naming of a new starter at the running back position will spark our ground attack. Of course, the marvel that is the eighth wonder of the world, #8 A.J. Green could influence matters through the thin Rocky Mountain air as well.

But maybe we’ve been looking at this the wrong way. Instead of planning an invasion as a conquering army, perhaps we should plan a trip as friendly visitors:
We could come in acting all friendly and cagey-like, gaining their trust and then, when they least expect it, go in for the kill all How To Serve Man style, you know what I’m saying?

At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I suspect that this will be how the game roughly plays out: tight in the opening half but with the Dawgs pulling away late in the second half. But I’ve been known to make this sort of prediction before. And the results are never correct. Ever. So count on it being the exact opposite. Dawgs are going to come out stong and destroy the Buffaloes and put the game to bed early.

Yeah, I know. I’m hopeless.


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