Some Thoughts

I mentioned in my first post my reason for starting this blog. Yes, the hiring of Coach Grantham may have been the impetus but it is the total and complete love that I have for the Georgia Bulldogs that kept me writing about them. What started off as simple emails to a few friends counting down to the beginning of the season has led to where we are now. And I’ll be the first to admit that my writing style is by no means accomplished. But what I may lack in profundity or proper grammar I feel I more than make up for in enthusiasm. All of this is to say that I may have been cause for the excitement my friends felt for seeing a brand new Dawgs team face a brand new season. And, bless their precious little hearts, some of them aren’t even fans of football, much less Dawgs football. So, yeah, I’ve got good friends. Sorry to have gotten your hopes up, guys.

We all talked about it during the off season. We talked about it and we worried about it. But it seems that some of us may not have accepted it. Deep down, in our heart of hearts, some of us defied logic and knew the Dawgs would come out alright. Maybe even better than alright. Despite the new quarterback. And the new defense. And the new coaches. And the old players in the new system. And, most importantly, despite the old mindset that this team and its coaches have yet to shed.

I don’t know what the answer is other than something has to change. And I don’t know if Coach Mark Richt is capable of enacting this change but I do know that I’ll be rooting for him to. Because I love the Dawgs and I love the idea of Coach Richt at the helm. He’s shown us his immense worth. And I still find it worthwhile to support him. But make no mistake. I love the Dawgs more than any coach.

I’ve got one final thought for this post and that is of freshman linebacker, T.J. Stripling, who went down last night with what appears to be a pretty severe knee injury. We’ve yet to hear any official word on T.J. but I’m hoping for the best for this young man because we’re going to need him next season if we’re going to win the SEC.

Go Dawgs!


One Response to “Some Thoughts”

  1. Hahahahahahaha…if…we…haha…wanna win the…haha..the SEC?…hahahahahaha!

    That’s a good one!


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