It’s A Movie About Buffaloes

So I was going through my daily routine of surfing the ‘Net, wasting time doing important research, when I came across some nice photos and videos up at Bernie’s Dawg Blawg from his recent trip out west. You know, it really is beautiful country out there. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some of the Buffaloes faithful:

First and foremost (and at the risk of sounding like a sore loser), Colorado fans are among the worst. The “F… You Georgia” cheer highlighted their classlessness I think.

Bernie’s experience isn’t the first I’ve read of such bad behavior amongst our opponent’s fans this past Saturday. And while I certainly don’t condone nor am I excusing such negative treatment of guests, I will say that I can understand how easy it is to get caught up in the emotions that surely coursed through the stands at Folsom Field after a big win Saturday night. Maybe it’s that I’ve moved on and I’m now looking forward to the next Dawgs game, but I guess I’m just in a Timothy Cratchit sort of mood. So, yes, Bless the Beasts and Children. Every one.


3 Responses to “It’s A Movie About Buffaloes”

  1. We always hear how nice we we re to the visiting Okie St, Az St , Boise St or Colo fans in the past, this is the first time we have heard so many stories of those schools fans hosting though.

    Like in ’81 when we heard so many bad stories about Clemson that they must have been true – No internet to create stories like SCs lame ones about UGA a few years ago (that were clearly made up!)

    Shame, and sad to be sore winners!! Hawkins wasn’t much better with his, go to class, stay out of trouble and good things will happen lines. He is a sore winner himself.

    They did rush the field after beating a 1-4 team right??

  2. Sorry, should have read “we are to the visiting…”

  3. You know, I’ve always felt that most of our fans feel a certain pride towards showing off our venue to visitors. As well we should. Sanford Stadium and Athens, in general, are both worthy of showing off.

    Regarding rushing the field, hey, they’re buffaloes. It’s what they do.

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