Back Porch Bluegrass

Y’all ever watched The Andy Griffith Show? I grew up watching it. Among this show’s cast of wonderful characters, the Darlings were my favorite. Played by actor Denver Pyle and members of the real life bluegrass band, the Dillards, the Darlings appearances on the show always marked an occasion for some good music. And it also usually marked the appearance of another one of my favorite characters, Ernest T. Bass.

He was a complicated man, was Ernest T. Bass.

But he’s not the point of this post. I wanted to share a song performed by the Darlings. It just seemed somewhat fitting, considering who we’re playing tomorrow.

There are lots of versions of this song performed by the Dillards but this one is my favorite. Check out this YouTube page for more music by the Dillards.

Later on in the season, I’ll relate to you how a song about a specific battle in the Revolutionary War taught me at a very young age to hate one of our rivals.

Go Dawgs!


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