Three Plays From The Replay

I just wanted to share a few videos I’ve uploaded recently. None of it is original content so tell me if you’ve seen this before.

What can you say? We’ve got ourselves a pretty good playmaker at quarterback. Aaron Murray had a damn good day, completing 17 of 25 passes for 266 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran the ball 7 times for 41 yards and two more touchdowns.

We’ve all seen the extraordinary touchdown catches A.J. has made, including the spectacular one last week. But here’s a catch he made that, to me, shows just why he’s so special. Anyone else and I think that ball is either intercepted or dropped. A.J. makes the catch, receives the big hit and maintains possession of the ball for a big first down. Damn Good Dawg.

In what turned out to be a non-story in this game, the return of Da’Rick Rogers is marked by a reception that results in a three yard loss. Welcome back to Athens, Mr. Rogers. Now go away.

Sorry for the low quality of the videos as well as the lack of sound. YouTube and my computer aren’t playing along nicely at the moment so I actually had to telegraph these videos in. And I admit, to my shame, that my Morse code is a little rusty. Maybe I’ll try signaling the videos in by semaphore next time.

Go Dawgs!


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