Still Smiling

I just wanted to make a quick post about effort. Our boys came out to play yesterday and, in the end, the effort they displayed made us proud. One play that springs to mind for me is Aron White’s reception and run after catch. Honestly, I get a little choked up seeing him play this way.

We all knew the boys had it in them. After all, they’re Georgia Bulldogs. And, sure, it’s not like they played a perfect game against a particularly formidable opponent. But we needed this. I needed this. Besides, it’s a nice day out and I’m not done basking just yet.

You're totally in my light.


One Response to “Still Smiling”

  1. […] Aaron Murray, I do have one little nitpick. If you’ll recall, I made a post yesterday about Aron White’s reception and run. Remember earlier, when I mentioned how cool and nonchalant Greene and Stafford were after the fake […]

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