Offer Of Service

As noted on Get the Picture, running back Caleb King is being held in a Clarke County jail cell for, well, this:

The charge listed is “Hold/Other Agency.” King, a redshirt junior, was booked into the jail at 5:08 this morning.

What does that even mean, “Hold/Other Agency”? I admit, I’ve led a boy scout type life and don’t know nothin’ about nothin’ when it comes to trouble with the law. So until it was later revealed that King was being held for failure to appear in court for a speeding ticket he received earlier this summer, I thought he was fixin’ to get extradited to, like, Venuzuela or something.

¡Vamos Perros!

Joking aside, this is no laughing matter. Dawgs have not been behaving off the field (and in some cases, on the field as well) lately and this needs to come to an end. With that in mind, I’d like to offer my services to the University. I’m willing give up my lucrative career in Memphis and head on down to Athens to be a driver, fixer and general all-around gopher. I’d make sure the boys paid their parking fines, kept their licenses and registrations up to date and behaved like they felt it was a privilege to represent UGA.

Actually, that’s a terrible idea. The boys would end up having to take care of me and who knows where that might lead us.


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