Evil Makes Good

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a big fan of Vanderbilt’s head coach, Robbie Caldwell. Thrust into this position after the sudden resignation of previous head coach, Bobby Johnson, Coach Caldwell’s comfortable demeanor during SEC media days belied the fact that this is his first head coaching position.

In addition to his likable character, he also happens to coach who I think is the most likable team in the SEC (other than the Dawgs, naturally). Certainly, this is true when compared to the likes of Florida or Auburn. And I don’t mean to write condescendingly about a fine institution of higher learning but the Commodores aren’t exactly known for their prowess on the football field due to many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that, for some strange reason, Vanderbilt puts academics before athletics. Crazy.

I type all of this to give you an idea of the dilemma that I face: how does one get in the proper mood for facing a team like the Commodores? It’s kind of like getting excited to invade Switzerland. Yeah, they’ve got a functional defense force but we all know we’re really going there for the discrete banking practices and the hot cocoa.

It's amazing the things that show up when one does a Google image search for Swiss Miss.

Upon reading the previous sentence, it occurs to me that playing the Commodores is nothing at all like invading Switzerland. But I’m not that clever with analogies so we’ll just move on, shall we?

As I’ve mentioned, it’s a little difficult to get worked up about facing a team that, traditionally, we dominate. Now I’m not saying that the coaches and the team would take a SEC match up lightly (especially this season) but there are many who are of the opinion that Coach Richt lacks a certain killer instinct when it comes to finishing off an opponent on the field. Far too often, Dawgs will “play down” to their opponent’s level, allowing teams that we should destroy to hang around. While we have been victorious more often than not in these games, the final score sometimes suggests that the Dawgs may not have been in total control of the game.

We cannot afford to let this happen this season (or ever, really). And so with that in mind, and as much as I might find it unpleasant to do so, I’m hoping that our coaches and the team don’t pull any punches this week. Vandy is the enemy and however much we may respect their head coach or their philosophy on college education and athletics makes no difference. Apologies in advance but it’s like the old saying goes: All’s fair in love, war and football. What we need is for a man with a checkered past and unscrupulous morals to lead our team this week.

OK, so maybe not that guy. I’m talking about Evil Mark Richt. He needs to show up like he did in 2007 against the Commodores. Because we all know what that led to a couple of weeks later.

In all seriousness, I don’t think we’ll take Vanderbilt lightly and I don’t think Vanderbilt is a team to be taken lightly. I believe them to be a well disciplined and well coached team who will give us everything they’ve got.

Go Dawgs!


3 Responses to “Evil Makes Good”

  1. We should be prepared for a fight. They beat us in 2006 and alost beat us in 2007. We are not good enough to coast.

  2. I expect Vandy to be ready to play. I hope we are.
    Since I also believe UGA to be only behind Vandy academically in the SEC, I tend to think UGA would like to be more like Vandy & less like Ala. & Fla. in all things including athletics. That would not be all bad.
    North Campus tailgating, game day parking, & general disregard for the Fans come to mind as does harrassment by the Athens police. Maybe the new AD can help rectify some of the problems. Something needs to be done.
    Meanwhile, Go Dawgs. G.A.T.A.

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