Two Play Touchdown Sequence

I’ve hacked together a short video showing the Dawgs’ first touchdown of the day. It was set up by a busted running play that nevertheless resulted in a 58-yard pickup by Washaun Ealey. The offensive line blocking broke down when Ealey went right so he scooted left, deftly breaking out of the grasping hands of Vanderbilt defensive back, Jamie Graham, and using a nice heads-up downfield block by Aaron Murray to bring the ball inside the red zone.

On the next play, Carlton Thomas takes a hand off to the short side of the field and follows the blocking of pulling guard and center, Cordy Glenn and Ben Jones. Carlton does a very nice job of avoiding tackles and being patient while allowing his blockers to get into position. End result:

I love Ben Jones’ reaction in the first part of Thomas’ video sequence when the official finally signals a touchdown. I can only describe it as him appearing to have a stark raving mad moment. I ended the video with a shot of Jones on the sideline, grabbing the suspended Caleb King and shaking him by the shoulders. I have to wonder what Ben must have bellowed at Caleb at that moment.

One more thing. Uga VIII is undefeated!

Go Dawgs!


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