Photoshop Magic!

I don’t often get the chance to show off some of the skills I possess. Sure, I’ve put together a few videos and written a number of jokes for the blog but, believe it or not, these things are but a smidgen of my full capabilities. For instance, I’ve been playing around a bit with Photoshop and I’ve found that I’ve developed a certain adroitness for image manipulation using this powerful piece of software. But before I unveil what I’ve been working on, a quick preface.

I know that we’ve got big game against the Kentucky Wildcats this Saturday but I’ve got another team on my mind at the moment: the Boise State Broncos. They’ve been in the news a lot this season and there’s a chance that this Mid-Major team could wind up in the BCS Championship game. Good for them, I say. Yes, their strength of schedule leaves quite a lot to be desired and, yes, they play on a blue field. But they’ve shown that they are more than able to hang with some of the big boys (I say “some” because, well, yeah) when given the opportunity. And the blue field?

Smurf Turf.

Well, I had to somehow tie in writing about Boise State with Kentucky so what better way to do that than with something they both share in common? That’s right, bluegrass.

And so I’ve been imagining all sorts of scenarios that could play out during this bowl season. There are a lot of teams that the Broncos could end up facing, no matter what bowl they’re playing in, that make for some pretty intriguing matchups. For instance, I’d love to see Kentucky play Boise State up in Idaho with both teams dressed in their home uniforms. To my recollection, such a game has never occurred and that’s where my skills with Photoshop come in handy. Below is my depiction of what that game up in Boise’s stadium would look like:

As you can see, it's quite the hoedown.

Not bad, eh? Bear in mind, I’m still pretty new to this whole Photoshop thing so my imagining of the game might appear somewhat amateurish. But I’m working on it. In fact, here’s a bonus picture that I ‘shopped up, showing our Blackout game against Auburn a few years back. I kind of rushed it but I think you get the idea:

Tigers' QB, Brandon Cox, throws his 33rd interception of the game to both Tra Battle and Kelin Johnson.

Go Dawgs!


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