Mid-Week Crisis

Well, I’ve gone and done it now. I’ve somehow managed to work myself up into a ditherous tizzy over this HUGE game we’ve got coming up this weekend. Sure, we’re on a two-game winning streak and we’ve looked mighty good in the process. But, really, we beat Tennessee and Vanderbilt. That’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich challenging the Marine Corps to a round of the old children’s game, “Let’s see who can mount the most successful amphibious assault”. It’s just no competition.*

While we’ve seen the boys perform quite well these last couple of weeks, we’ve also seen them perform not quite so well the previous four weeks. At the risk of aggravating old wounds, on defense, we’ve had trouble guarding against the run, we’ve given up at least one big play in all of our games and we’ve shown a lack of success defending against a mobile quarterback. And on offense, there have been issues with play calling, an inability to develop a consistent ground attack and breakdowns in blocking from time to time. Reading this last paragraph, it occurs to me that I’m starting to sound a bit like Moriarty, from Kelly’s Heroes.

Maybe Oddball is right. Maybe I should focus more on the righteous and hopeful for a change. Like the fact that we’ve got a great redshirt freshman quarterback whose method of play is well ahead of where it should be. Or offensive coordinator, Mike Bobo’s positive play calling adjustments as the season’s progressed. Oh, and we’ve also got A.J. Green. Yeah, reading this paragraph makes me feel a bit more like Oddball now.

It was his other dog imitation that really got me. Yeah, feeling pretty good about the game now. Mid-week crisis averted, thanks to the musings of an anachronistic soldier.

* I jest, of course. I’m extremely proud of our guys and the effort they’ve shown the last two weeks can carry us the rest the way. But win or lose, if they play as hard as they played against Tennessee and Vanderbilt, I’ll be happy.

Go Dawgs!


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