Initial Feelings of Relief

You know, I was going to make a “Yeah, we won, but…” post. But, really, at this point, I’m just grateful for a tough road victory. And it took a fortuitous first half for the Dawgs as well as some very hard running by Washaun Ealey, who had 28 carries for 157 yards and five touchdowns. That’s right. Five touchdowns, which ties the record held by Robert Edwards.

Defensively, our old nemesis “Third and long” showed back up. But you know what else showed up? I’m not sure exactly what it was but it was wearing the #42 jersey. A quick look at the roster shows that Justin Houston normally wears the #42 jersey. But I can’t believe it was Justin Houston that I saw out there on the field tonight. Because what I saw out there was clearly not human. Three sacks, a forced fumble and causing general mayhem is what I saw this man-beast accomplish.

After the game, the mysterious man-beast wearing the #42 jersey was seen rampaging through downtown Lexington, KY.

I’m exhausted after watching the Dawgs pull out a big win on the road, our first of the season. We’re still alive in the race for the wacky East and we get a week to look forward to meeting our best buddies down south, by the banks of the St. Johns River. I’ll post up some brief post-game thoughts and possibly some videos tomorrow.

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!


One Response to “Initial Feelings of Relief”

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