Drowsy Thoughts

Feeling a little under the weather today so I just want to jot down a few thoughts before the NyQuil kicks in.

Justin Houston’s middle name should be “Ate” because I’m pretty sure he’s got a bit of “Big Scary Monster” in him. I’m not sure what the official tally was but I saw two, possibly three sacks, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, a tackle for a loss and one pass broken up. If he sticks around for his senior year, I think he might have a shot at David Pollack’s sack record. Typing that last sentence blew my mind just a little bit. Or maybe it’s the NyQuil.

Also, I don’t think Washaun Ealey took too kindly to all the disparaging comments made recently about his fumbling troubles. Because he up and took his ball and went home. In fact, he went to the house five times. Way to go, #3!

Speaking of three… Three fumbles! And an interception! And another interception that was dropped! If our boys keep this up, the NCAA is going to have to step in and make them shave before the bowl game.

And what did Brandon Boykin do last night? Well, he went and tied the record for career kickoff returns for a touchdown. He’s got four now, including three of the hundred yard variety. I wonder why he’s not returning punts as well? Whatever the reason, he couldn’t have returned the punt that Drew Butler served up in the second quarter. If you’ll recall, Butler’s punt pinned the Wildcats inside their own five. Kentucky fumbled the ball two plays later, we recover it and go on to score an incredibly important touchdown, our fourth of the half. I don’t think Kentucky ever got to within two scores after this.

You know, I’m reluctant to mention kicker Blair Walsh’s temporary troubles. He’s been performing at such a high level for so long now that any mishap seems magnified. I think we should see his recent misses as an aberration. He’s given us no reason to think otherwise.

I’m stopping now as the NyQuil is starting to kick in. I’d rather drift off to sleep with positive thoughts in my mind so I’ll just mention a quote from Justin Houston regarding our defense’s second half performance.

“We still haven’t played a whole game yet. For the past three weeks we’ve been playing good — for pretty much the whole game. But (Saturday) I don’t think we played a whole game. I think we played half the game. At times, we broke in coverage and we didn’t get pass rush.”

Very glad to see this addressed. Especially as we head towards Hate Week.

Go Dawgs!


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