Turnover Blues

In our previous two games against the Florida Gators, we turned the ball over eight times. Eight (8) times. Six (6) of these turnovers led to Gator scores. In 2008, Matthew Stafford threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball once. Two of his interceptions and his fumble all led to Gator touchdowns. In 2009, one of Joe Cox’s interceptions led to a Gator touchdown while another resulted in a Gator field goal. Also, Logan Gray subbed in at quarterback and threw a pick six. We were destroyed in both of these games by a combined score of 90-27. Even so, I’ve managed to find a hole that might be just a tiny bit bigger than the ones we dug ourselves into the last two Cocktail Parties. Observe:

Although we’ve returned a number players from the previous two seasons, I firmly believe that this is a new Dawgs team. During our current three-game winning streak, Dawgs have had nary a turnover. Actually, that’s not completely true. We have turned the ball over once, but it was on an onside kick, late in the game against Kentucky. It should be noted that on an earlier onside attempt by Kentucky, Shawn Williams made a great heads up play, knocking the ball out of bounds and maintaining possession for the Dawgs. Here’s a short video illustrating the thoughts of this paragraph:

I’ve got a pretty good imagination but it’s still hard for me to imagine us losing this game if we win the turnover battle. That’s a lie, actually. The last twenty years have made it extremely easy for me to imagine us losing this game. If it’s going to take winning this game for the next twenty years to break me of this nasty habit, why not start this year? I can’t imagine a better time than now.

Go Dawgs!


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