Week 9 – Florida Gators: Halloween Edition

As October comes to a close, Halloween draws near and the Cocktail Party looms over us. And boy do I have a real humdinger of a horror story to share. So gather ’round, boys and girls. There’s plenty of space by the campfire. Stay close to each other because I have a feeling this story is going to scare the hell out of you.

1990 7-38 Loss
1991 13-45 Loss
1992 24-26 Loss
1993 16-33 Loss
1994 14-52 Loss
1995 17-52 Loss
1996 7-47 Loss
1997 37-17 WIN
1998 7-38 Loss
1999 14-30 Loss
2000 23-34 Loss
2001 10-24 Loss
2002 13-20 Loss
2003 13-16 Loss
2004 31-24 WIN
2005 10-14 Loss
2006 14-21 Loss
2007 42-30 WIN
2008 10-49 Loss
2009 17-41 Loss

Generally, in a well told horror story, there is an unmistakable build up of tension that is often times much more frightening than the actual “Boo!” part of the tale. In the case of the horror story I’ve just shared above, this is not true. This story starts off scary and just keeps getting scarier. There are moments of reprieve, however brief, that give us all a chance to recover, if only for the next scare.

Well, there’s only so much that one can take. It seems that after a while, horror turns into anger. With this in mind, I’ve got another horror story to share. But as you’ve all noticed, undoubtedly, I’m not very good at telling stories. So I’ll just show you:

This is no ordinary tale of woe. No, instead, this is a story of revenge. And I hold no stock in the adage that “revenge is a dish best served cold”. Revenge is a dish best served as often as possible. Starting tomorrow.

Go Dawgs!


One Response to “Week 9 – Florida Gators: Halloween Edition”

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