I’m Saddened

You saw it and I saw it. We lost this game in the first half. We just made too many mistakes and let too many scoring opportunities slip right by us. This is a painful loss. But I find some solace in the fact that the boys never gave up. The entire team stepped up in the second half.

Regarding Aaron Murray. It’s true that his poor play contributed to our first half woes. But it was also his second half play that brought us back. I know that he’s probably beating himself up pretty badly for this loss. He’s a smart kid, though, and I also know that he will learn from this experience. It was his first Cocktail Party, after all. I’m looking forward to three more with him as our quarterback.

Go Dawgs!


4 Responses to “I’m Saddened”

  1. Not looking forward to watching anymore UGA fl games; I have already put an L by that game for next year.

  2. One of my Gator friends told me this week that we better beat this year as they will be much better in the next couple years.

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