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My Apologies

Posted in Dinky Dau, Killing Time, Science with tags , on Tuesday November 30th, 2010 \am\30 10:59 am by Big Muddy Dawg

Something has occurred to me. I started this blog in week 2 of this season, after getting back from a trip out of town. Since then, we’ve had our worst season in a long, long time. And now, all indications are that the Dawgs will play in the Liberty Bowl, here in Memphis. Oh, have I mentioned that I live in Memphis?

If you’re following along at home, you might have come to the same conclusion that I have. Namely, by starting this blog and for living in Memphis, I’m responsible for our terrible season and also for our bowl destination.

Here’s the worst part: a quick look online shows that this year’s BCS Championship game will be played in the Fiesta Bowl, in Glendale, Arizona (essentially a suburb of Phoenix). Have I mentioned that my parents live in Scottsdale, Arizona (essentially a suburb of Phoenix)?

My humblest apologies, Bulldog Nation. Had I never started this blog, we might not have had such an excruciating season. And, if I had moved in with my parents at the start of the season instead of starting this blog…well, you see where I’m going with this.

It’s a long off season and, like Coach Richt, I’ll have some pretty big decisions to make. But, you know what? I’m willing to stay the course. I’m not ready to cut and run just yet. I shall continue onward with the blog. In fact, I’m already thinking about the opening line of my first post on the blog once next season begins: Greetings from my new home in New Orleans! That’s got a nice ring to it, yeah?

Go Dawgs!


The Man of the Hour

Posted in Smash!, Videos with tags , on Monday November 29th, 2010 \am\30 4:00 am by Big Muddy Dawg

Check out these quotes from Justin Houston regarding a couple of key plays from our victory over the ‘Jackets this past Saturday. First up, the fumble recovery for a touchdown:

“I squeezed the tackle; my linebacker [Akeem Dent] came free. He nailed the pitch man; the pitch man didn’t even see the ball coming. The ball was laying on the ground for me to make a play on it, and that’s what I did. I refused to stop until I got in that end zone.”

Next up, the interception to seal the game while Tech was driving late:

“I saw the quarterback’s eyes. I thought he wasn’t going to throw it. When he threw it, I was, like, ‘Oh my gosh’. It was right there. I knew I had to make a play on it.”

And now, an accompanying video:

Please note that the above video is my second edit and it’s, I feel, largely inferior to the original. But YouTube hates freedom and, by extension, me. I feel confident that, were he still alive, Mr. Curtis Mayfield would have approved of my usage of his song as background music for a Justin Houston video. As it stands, I’m reduced to sharing it with you through my public Dropbox folder. Don’t worry, the video opens in a browser window and nothing is downloaded.

One final note. How funny is it that Justin Houston, the Rabid Dawg Beast himself, would say something like “Oh my gosh” when describing how he felt just moments before making a huge play to defeat a hated rival? I’m sure this is Coach Richt’s fault.

I’ll Take It

Posted in Good Feeling, Hate, Seniors, Way Too Dramatic with tags , on Sunday November 28th, 2010 \am\30 5:58 am by Big Muddy Dawg

What a boring game, eh? I was totally all like

during the second half. Hell, I almost switched over to the Sakerlina-Clempson game. And what I mean by that is:

Dear Dawg in Heaven, I’ll take it. I made promises to a higher power of your choosing all sorts of, in retrospect, completely unreasonable things if the Dawgs could pull this out. While I will try to be a better person and strive to be more active in community service, any mention I may have made (during the heat of battle, mind) about singing Christmas Carols all night to anyone who happened to be hanging around the corner of Third and Washington, well, I meant that… figuratively.

Other brief thoughts:

  • Justin Houston. One fumble recovery for a touchdown. One interception to save the game. What a way to go out ‘tween the Hedges (I’m assuming).
  • A.J. Green. No touchdowns but a number of huge catches, not to mention opening up holes for everyone else. I’m so glad to be able to see him play one more time in the Red and Black (I’m assuming).
  • Kris Durham. Caught the first touchdown of the season and also Aaron Murray’s first career touchdown. Caught this evening’s first touchdown. Great senior season.
  • Aaron Murray. I died a little on that fumbled snap on fourth down. But what a great game, otherwise. He’s our future.
  • Defense… They made the stops we needed to make when we absolutely needed them. We would not have won this game without the four turnovers caused by the defense.
  • Marlon Brown. Local Memphis kid. Made a huge play recovering Boykin’s fumble on our final kickoff return. DGD.

We’re 6-6 and going to a bowl game for the fourteenth straight year. The extra practices are very important and the opportunity to see the boys one more time makes me very happy. But not nearly as happy as beating Tech. Again.

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!

Safety Announcement

Posted in Dinky Dau, Hate, Jinx, Pre-game jitters, Videos with tags , on Saturday November 27th, 2010 \pm\30 3:17 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

In a peculiar case of a person in a position of power using said power for the purposes of evil, popular media personality and p-hilanthropist, Oprah Winfrey, has, well, to put it frankly, lost her damn mind.

Please exercise caution this evening, Dawgs fans, when our pee-colored foes come to town. They’re known to swarm.

Bitter Sweet

Posted in Hate, Jinx, Pre-game jitters, Seniors with tags , on Saturday November 27th, 2010 \am\30 10:24 am by Big Muddy Dawg

I love this weekend in the football season. Looking at the ESPN scoreboard and seeing all the inter- as well as intrastate rivalries just makes me smile. But at the same time, I know that this weekend signals the end of the college football season. It’s kind of like, when I was a kid, I loved it when Fall rolled around because it held some of my favorite holidays and also the start of the football season. But at the same time, it also meant that school was back in session and what kind of kid enjoys that?

So as I spend today watching the various match ups and preparing for our own game this evening, I’ll do so with excitement as well as with a heavy heart. It’s been a long season but I’m not ready for it to be over just yet. And I’m sure the seniors on our team feel the same way, especially those who might not be moving on to careers in the League.

A big Thank You goes out to all of them, particularly the unheralded guys who have contributed behind the scenes on the scout team or on the sidelines, cheering the rest of our boys on. These guys are the perfect example of Erk’s “Big Team, Little Me” concept. And I love them all just as much as the stars on the team. Thanks again, guys.

Alright. Enough with the mournful and soppy reflections. We’ve got a big game tonight and I hope our boys haven’t forgetten the last time these guys came to town, proudly showing off their vegetarian lifestyle.

Go Dawgs and to Hell with Georgia Tech!

Mixed Feelings

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According to Seth Emerson, should the Dawgs be victorious against Tech today, Auburn’s big win yesterday in Tuscaloosa helps us at a chance at either the Music City Bowl in Nashville or the Liberty Bowl here in Memphis. Knowing this as I watched that game, I still found it difficult to not cheer on Alabama as they took a seemingly insurmountable lead early on in the Iron Bowl. And when Auburn stepped up in the second half and played like a team going to the SEC Championship game, well, I guess Montana Tech’s former head coach, Bob Green, sums up how I kind of felt:

On a side note, if the Dawgs win today and somehow end up in the Liberty Bowl, I’d like to go ahead and offer a preemptive apology to any Dawgs fans who travel up here and get to experience the Grozny-like joy that is Memphis, Tennessee. 😈

Week 13 – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Posted in Hate, Jinx, Pre-game jitters with tags , on Friday November 26th, 2010 \pm\30 1:59 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

Yes, this game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is important for a whole lot of reasons. For one, a win would result in us pulling even for the season. This is big. On top of that, if we want to keep our 14-year bowl streak alive, we’ve got to win this last regular season game. Not only will this give us an opportunity to see these Dawgs one last time before the doldrums of the off season, it will also allow the team to get in a few more practices, which can only help. And speaking of seeing the Dawgs play, tomorrow’s game could be A.J. Green’s last game in Sanford Stadium. And also Justin Houston’s. In addition, this is a huge recruiting weekend for us and the list of expected attendees is large and chocked full of talent.

I’d say that’s all pretty important stuff. But you know what? While I recognize how critical the previous points are to the Dawgs, and not to take away from any of them, to me, the most important thing about the game tomorrow is the rivalry.

The Backyard Brawl. The Red River Shootout. The Border War. Bedlam. The Iron Bowl. Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. Rivalries. This is what college football is all about: beating the hell out of your neighbor and not letting them forget about it for the next 365 days.

There’s a lot of differing opinions concerning the Dawgs’ biggest rival. A lot of it depends on where you grew up. South Georgia Dawgs might regard the Gators as our biggest rival while the Columbus-area Dawgs claim Auburn as holding this distinction. In turn, Dawgs living near the Tennessee border rightfully give the Volunteers this title while others living just a ways south, near Lake Hartwell, consider South Carolina and even Clemson our biggest rivals.

We can say a lot of things about former head coach Ray Goff. But this is not the post for that. I do, however, want to state that Coach Goff got at least one thing right (OK, maybe two things):

“If you want to find out how big of a rival Georgia Tech is, just lose to them once.”

I grew up in Athens. I hate Georgia Tech. I always have. When I was younger, I used to joke about how, even if the fate of the world rested on the outcome of a football game between the Yellow Jackets and an invading alien force, I would be hard-pressed to pull for Tech. As I’ve grown older and, supposedly wiser, I’ve come to realize that this is not a responsible position to hold on this important matter. So, instead, I’ve now changed my allegiance to whoever has the ball.

Go Dawgs!

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