Alright. I’m done moping about, feeling sorry for the Dawgs and generally making an overdramatic ass of myself. So I’ve put our heartbreaking loss to the Gators behind me. I’m done lamenting our first half woes. I’m over Chris Rainey doing his best Roy Batty impression:

I’m ready to move on to our next opponent, the Idaho State Bengals. You know, if only we could have played Idaho instead. Idaho’s mascot is the Vandals. I’d much rather write about facing the Vandals than the Bengals. Besides, it would have given me a chance to show off some of the work of UK-based grafitti artist, Banksy. Well, now that I’ve gone and brought him up, I might as well share with you one of my favorite things he’s done:

So, yeah. Idaho State Bengals. Out of curiosity, just what is an Idaho State Bengal? Some sort of aggressive species of football-playing potato?

Guess we’ll find out come Saturday.


2 Responses to “Acting!”

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