Advice For Bengals’ QB

So as you’ve all heard by now I’m sure, Joshua Nesbitt, Tech’s quarterback, broke his arm last night and is out for the rest of the regular season. As this is his senior year, Nesbitt is going to miss out on his last chance at playing the Dawgs. Despite him being the enemy, I admit to feeling a little bad about the situation and would like to have seen the Dawgs beat Tech at full strength. Ah well.

Meanwhile, Cameron Newton, Auburn’s quarterback, has been making all kinds of news this season, what with all the praise and talk of his contention for the Heisman Trophy. And now he’s in the news again, this time concerning allegations of wrongdoing regarding his recruitment. Seriously. I’m ’bout sick of all this NCAA bullshit. They’ve been snooping around everywhere since the off season and it seems that a week can’t go by without somebody allegedly doing something all improper-like and ruining this otherwise pristine world.

At the rate things are going in terms of bad stuff happening to Dawgs’ opponent’s quarterbacks, Russell Hill, Idaho State’s quarterback, better lay low in Athens tonight.


3 Responses to “Advice For Bengals’ QB”

  1. Wow, is that Charles Bronson? If so, he looks so young by Bronson standards.

    One thing always bugged me about the Death Wish series. With all those random acts of violence repeatedly being committed against his love ones, you’d think after a while he’d adopt a hermit lifestyle to spare future family and friends the inevitable bloodshed.

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