Weak 10 – Idaho State Bengals

Look. We just got beat by the Florida Gators. And next week we’ve got to play our oldest rival, the Auburn Tigers, who are ranked number two in the nation as of this writing. Sandwiched in between these two events is a game against the Idaho State Bengals.

I’ve already made a passing remark about these tuberous tigers and, well, that’s all I’ve got. No, that’s not true. I’ve actually been to Idaho. Twice. Once, as I flew over it on the way to Seattle. And a second time, as I flew over it on the way to Denver. Airspace counts as being there, right? Oh, and a few years back, as I was waiting in the Phoenix airport, I ran into a bunch of Boise State fans who were celebrating their great victory over the Sooners the night before. They were nice folks, these Idahoians, even when it came to pass that I was a Dawgs fan.

It’s tough to get up for these types of games, particularly this late in the season. It would have been nice to play these guys in week 2, in place of South Carolina. It certainly would have helped this year’s team to have had one more warm up game before jumping into conference play. But here we are. To be fair, this will be our tenth game in a row and so it would be nice to jump out to an early lead and then clear the bench in an effort to get some rest for our current starters as well as some game experience for our future starters.

Oh, and I guess a write up for the Idaho State Bengals game can’t be complete without mention of their star player, Mr. ISU, Tavoy Moore, who’s had this said about him:

“I think you’d have a better chance of tackling a greased pig and a chicken than tackling him.”

That was said by Portland State Vikings coach, Nigel Burton, by the way. So, wow, attempting to tackle Mr. Moore would be harder than tackling not just a greased pig but also a chicken. That does sound like a handful. But, hey, we’re Georgia boys. If anyone could have perfected a technique for tackling a greased pig and a chicken, one would think it would be us, right?

Go Dawgs!


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