Fowl Play

So I read this article last night about Goo, I mean Bacarri Rambo and came across this quote by him:

“It’s like he’s the best friend I’ve ever had. We just sit at the house, chill, cook every now and then. A.J. doesn’t want me to tell anybody this, but he can like really cook. He can cook some southern food, man. His fried chicken is so delicious. I eat his chicken and just go to sleep. That’s all I want to do is just relax and go to sleep.”

And confirmation from The Man himself:

“Yeah … my chicken … yeah, it’s pretty good,” Green conceded.

I just knew we would have beaten the South Carolina Gamecocks had A.J. been on the field. And I swear, if it’s later confirmed that he also makes a good BBQ pork sandwich, I might just cry.

Go Dawgs!


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