Coming In Hot

I haven’t really said much about this whole Cam Newton thing. To be honest, I find the whole affair a bit distasteful. Maybe it’s that we went through a similar ordeal earlier in the season when our own star player was under so much scrutiny.

That said, I am not without an opinion on this situation. And so, yes, I may receive a lot of flak for voicing it but here goes. I’d much rather the Dawgs face Auburn with Cam as their quarterback than not. I mean, really, what have we got to lose (other than the game)?

I don’t believe that all victories are created equal and I’m certainly not suggesting that the Tigers would be a pushover team without their star player on the field. After all, they gave us all we could handle last year without him. But how glorious would our victory be if we were to do something that no one else has been able to do all season long?

In my mind, there is no shame in losing to a better team. And if Auburn with Cam Newton at quarterback is a better team than the Dawgs, then so be it. I’d rather our boys fight for a win rather than luck into one (although I still get a kick out of seeing Coach Goff motioning for the guys to stay on the ground, allowing the clock to keep running).

Besides, as scary as facing Cam Newton might be, he’s not the only thing we have to worry about on the Tigers’ offense. But my lunch break is over so I’ll have more on that later.

Go Dawgs!


2 Responses to “Coming In Hot”

  1. i agree, playing cam makes this game mean something. and it means something to the country and the perception of the future of georgia. The confidence we need to continue into next year. we might loose the game but we will be ready to play. we will play harder this weekend than any other game this year. I honestly believe thats going to happen. If cameron newton doesn’t play then a win wouldn’t be the same. He’s only human, and he doesn’t have the florida curse over us. we play auburn tough every year, im excited about saturday, win or loose its going to be a GREAT game!

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