Look At The Size Of That Cat!

Alright, so I may have to disallow myself from posting on the blog while I’m at work. Because I got home and re-read what I’d written this morning and, well, rather than describing my reaction, I’ll just show you a representation of it:

Not really. I stand by my earlier sentiments. But I’ve been wanting to use that GIF ever since I came across it so, yeah. Besides, it’s a weak attempt at misdirection from what this post is really about: Gus Malzahn. He’s the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Auburn University. Here he is confusing Houston Nutt, former head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, where Malzahn got his start coaching college ball:

Gus Malzahn got Auburn to within a huge sacrifice away from complicating last year’s game against the Dawgs. And this was with a team led by a quarterback not at all suited to running Malzahn’s offense. This year he’s got a quarterback that was made to run his offense. Cam Newton is a threat both with his arm and his legs and this fits perfectly to what Malzahn requires for his offense to be consistently successful.

One look at an offensive series by Auburn reveals a no huddle, hurry up scheme that constantly puts a man in motion before the snap and relies on a lot of strong attempts at misdirection to fool the defense as to who has the ball and where it’s going. It’s really a beautiful thing to see when well executed. Unless it’s against your team. Then you just feel like the Washington Generals to their Harlem Globetrotters.

I mentioned earlier in the week how my worrying about our upcoming game could cause me to write all sorts of irrational posts, including one about how Auburn might use their long snapper offensively. Implausible, I know. But with Gus Malzahn calling his crazy plays, is it really that far-fetched?


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