Twenty Hours

Lawd have mercy. Just read this article up at Seth Emerson’s Bulldogs Blog. Here’s a choice bit:

Green said it was his dream to play in the NFL – but it was also his dream to get a college degree. He said he’s 20 hours away from doing that, and on track to graduate next December.

“My mom’s real big on that,” Green said. “I’ve gotta do what she wants to make her happy. So if she’s tellilng me to stay, I’m gonna stay.”

I hope the Green residence has an unlisted phone number. Because I looked everywhere and-… I mean, because it is possible that some fervent Dawgs fans might find some time to express to Mrs. Dora Green the importance of a young 6’4″ 205 lb. man attaining a college degree.


4 Responses to “Twenty Hours”

  1. I desperately want AJ to come back next year. If the stars align as such that he does, I might just scream like my 8yo when she sees that Justin Beaver kid.

    But I’m not warming up my voice for that. We can’t get that lucky…can we?

  2. He can come back and finish his degree in the NFL off-season…he doesn’t have many hours left to complete it. The guy is going to be a top 5(maybe top 2) pick. No way he’s coming back. I think he feels awful about missing the first 4 games this year and putting the team in the bind, but he’s got to do what’s best for him and his family. Nobody stays another year when they are projected to go as high as AJ is. Hopefully, we’ll beat Tech so we’ll get to see him one more time in a UGA uniform.

    • I agree with you. While I love UGA, I also love AJ Green and I want him to do what’s best for him and his family. If that means coming back for his senior year, I’m obviously cool with that. However, if it means leaving a year early for the draft, well, I’m cool with that too. And I don’t believe AJ should feel like he owes the fans something for missing games this year. While it is a nice sentiment on his part, I’m more than satisfied with the lifelong memories he’s left us as well as the many games where his mere presence helped the Dawgs achieve victory.

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