Off Week Lament

We don’t have a game this week. After eleven in a row, I’d say we deserve a little break. Besides, Aaron Murray sure could use the time off to get healthy again and the extra time spent by the defense to learn the intricacies of defending Paul Johnson’s triple option can only help.

But with the absence of an opponent to poke fun at this weekend, what else have we got to talk about? Well, how about coaching rumors? Or meeting up with some Idahoians again next year? The recent articles about A.J. Green’s future certainly stirred up some discussions. Oh, and I guess there’s also the riveting ongoing saga that is Camgate:

So, yeah, there’s all that to talk about. But instead, I’d like to take a moment to whine complain a little bit about something. Do you guys realize that we’ve only got (hopefully) two more games left for this Dawgs team? And I understand that with the way things have gone, some of us might be relieved to see the season come to a close. But not me.

I’ve mentioned in the past the reasons for me starting this blog. Long story short, it began with me sending out “Countdown to The Season” emails to some friends. One thing led to another (they finally convinced me to stop spamming their inbox) and, well, here we are. I’d like to share with you all my very last “Countdown to The Season” email to my friends. Most of us were all getting ready for a quick trip out of town so it was a brief one:

So I’m a big ol’ liar. A quick preface: you guys familiar with the film My Left Foot? Surely I’m not the only one who watched that movie and was left waiting for the scene where Daniel Day-Lewis finally jumps out of his wheelchair and admits “I’m not really left-footed!” and then proceeds to paint, like, the Sistine Chapel or something with his right foot, right?

OK, so maybe it was just me then. But with that in mind, I’ve got sort of a confession to make…You know how I’ve been doing this whole countdown to the season thing? Well, “I’m not really left-footed”!

I’m here to tell you that the season actually starts tomorrow! Now, you might be thinking to yourselves “But Big Muddy, I’ve been playing along at home and according to your emails, we should be at about three days before the season starts”! My countdown was for the Dawg’s season opener. The college football season opener occurs a full two days before that! Tomorrow. Sure, it might just be some throwaway game like South Carolina vs. Southern Mississippi but at this point, I’d watch a father and son drawing up plays in the dirt and tossing the ball around.

I’ve shared many memories and long-winded stories these past few months and I know that we’re all as busy as bees preparing for the upcoming trip so I’ll keep this short and just leave you with this:

I love the sound of the UGA kickoff cheer on a Saturday afternoon. It sounds like…victory. You know, one day this season’s gonna end.

We’re fast approaching that day. And I’m going to soak up as much as I can of the remaining time that we have left. Because it’s a long off season and I’ve yet to convince my boss to allow me a period of hibernation between January and August.

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!


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