We started the game off behind and never took the lead until there was only 40 seconds left, when Travis Leslie hit a beautiful turnaround jumper. It was a pretty frustrating first half and the Dawgs were down by double digits seemingly the whole time. The Billikens seemed able to hit threes at will to extend their lead in the first half and kept hitting them in the second half whenever the Dawgs threatened to keep it close.

But we clawed and we fought back and somehow managed to pull even on a couple of free throws by Jeremy Price with about a minute and a half left in the game. Then Leslie hit his jumper, the Billikens tie it up after a time out and we get the ball back with, like, twenty seconds left. Coach Fox elects to forego a timeout and we dribble it down and make a great inside pass to Jeremy Price who lays it in for the final lead with 1 second remaining on the clock. Billikens throw up a prayer, which misses badly, and the Dawgs sneak away with a game we were losing the whole time. Wow.

One last thing. For those of you who might have watched the game on… how annoying was that Billikens’ band? I wanted to smash that trumpet player’s instrument with a hammer. And then throw away his trumpet.*

*I don’t actually condone the use of violence. After all, I myself played trumpet and I have first hand knowledge of just how annoying we trumpet players are.

We’re 3-0, folks and we’ve just won our first road game of the season.

Mash rat cheer for the numbers.

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!


3 Responses to “Wow”

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  2. Also, as music major (trumpet), that band was one of the worst “musical” organizations I have ever heard. It was so atrocious, I took video of one of the timeout. Please share so we can stop the violence.

    • Wow, so I didn’t imagine that incredibly high-pitched (and sometimes off key) trumpet. I bet that sound is what a disturbed person hears all the time.

      Thanks for sharing the video. I may use the sound from it when I get around to making a Dawgs-‘Jackets video after our game this weekend. I figure that high-pitched whine might be a close approximation of what a Yellow Jacket’s entrance might sound like.

      Go Dawgs!

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