Year of the Duke

Some fun facts about today’s game between the Duke Blue Devils and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets:

  • Both teams are coming off home losses.
  • Duke is hoping to extend it’s streak of scoring in consecutive quarters to 13 (or more). The current record is 17 straight quarters of scoring, accomplished the year after Steve Spurrier left for Florida.
  • Duke’s kicker, Will Snyderwine, is on a hot streak, making his last 16 field goal attempts and setting the school’s single season record at 18 during Duke’s previous game.
  • Tech has won the last six meetings between these two teams and 14 of the last 15 with the last loss to the Blue Devils coming in 2003 against interim head coach Ted Roof, a Tech alum and current defensive coordinator of the Auburn Poopyheads. This win by Roof’s Blue Devils snapped a string of 30 losses in a row to fellow ACC teams.

Exciting stuff, huh? Tune in Login at 1:30pm EST on for the slap fight.

Go Blue Devils! Um, Fork ’em?


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