Yellow Jackets’ Practice Video

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a ninja? I’m sure it’s come up. But in case it hasn’t, I’m a ninja. And earlier today, I was out doing ninja-type stuff. You know, sneaking about noiselessly, climbing up walls and such and generally just making an unseen nuisance of myself. Well, during that time, I just happened to come across the coaches and players of Georgia Tech preparing for our upcoming game.

“But wait!”, you’re thinking. “Tech practices in Atlanta while you, Big Muddy, live in Memphis! Surely, you jest!”, to which I respond, “I’m a ninja”. And here’s proof. I managed to obtain some footage of Tech’s coaches game planning for the Dawgs.

It’s all buzzes and pops to me. I didn’t really understand half of what they were saying so I thought I’d sneak around a bit more, hoping to find the team practicing to see if they understood any of it. Lo and behold, it seems the Tech players know exactly what their coaches are talking about.

Told you. I’m a ninja.


3 Responses to “Yellow Jackets’ Practice Video”

  1. I had to take a shower, eat a steak, tune the engine up on my truck and throw the football with my son after seeing that…

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