I’ll Take It

What a boring game, eh? I was totally all like

during the second half. Hell, I almost switched over to the Sakerlina-Clempson game. And what I mean by that is:

Dear Dawg in Heaven, I’ll take it. I made promises to a higher power of your choosing all sorts of, in retrospect, completely unreasonable things if the Dawgs could pull this out. While I will try to be a better person and strive to be more active in community service, any mention I may have made (during the heat of battle, mind) about singing Christmas Carols all night to anyone who happened to be hanging around the corner of Third and Washington, well, I meant that… figuratively.

Other brief thoughts:

  • Justin Houston. One fumble recovery for a touchdown. One interception to save the game. What a way to go out ‘tween the Hedges (I’m assuming).
  • A.J. Green. No touchdowns but a number of huge catches, not to mention opening up holes for everyone else. I’m so glad to be able to see him play one more time in the Red and Black (I’m assuming).
  • Kris Durham. Caught the first touchdown of the season and also Aaron Murray’s first career touchdown. Caught this evening’s first touchdown. Great senior season.
  • Aaron Murray. I died a little on that fumbled snap on fourth down. But what a great game, otherwise. He’s our future.
  • Defense… They made the stops we needed to make when we absolutely needed them. We would not have won this game without the four turnovers caused by the defense.
  • Marlon Brown. Local Memphis kid. Made a huge play recovering Boykin’s fumble on our final kickoff return. DGD.

We’re 6-6 and going to a bowl game for the fourteenth straight year. The extra practices are very important and the opportunity to see the boys one more time makes me very happy. But not nearly as happy as beating Tech. Again.

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!


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