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Well Done, Refs

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I don’t know if you guys happened to watch the inaugural New Era Pinstripe Bowl between the Kansas State Wildcats and the Syracuse Orange last night. It was a pretty back and forth game with both offenses seemingly moving the ball at will against the opposing defenses.

With just over a minute remaining in the game and down by 8, Kansas State scored a touchdown and had a chance to tie it up with a successful two-point conversion. However, the refs flagged Wildcats’ receiver, Adrian Hilburn, with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when he saluted the crowd after making a big play and scoring the touchdown. Instead of enforcing the penalty on the ensuing kickoff, the refs called for the penalty to be carried out on the extra point attempt, essentially making Kansas State have to go for two for the tie from the 18 yard line instead of the normal 3 yard line position. As one would expect, Kansas State failed on the 2-point conversion, was unable to recover an onside kick and Syracuse won the game.

Now, I understand the letter of the law states that a player is prohibited from drawing attention to himself. But this was a simple salute. It’s not like he blew kisses to the crowd or, in what I think might be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen, pretended to strap on an imaginary belt around his waist. Alright. So maybe I’m still a little bitter about something or other.

Besides, Syracuse’s mascot is the Orange. And I hate orange.

Speaking of which, anybody watch the Music City Bowl last night, matching up North Carolina and Tennessee? Also another tight game that came down to a referee’s decision. Oh, wait. Tennessee lost that game.

Well done, Refs.

Russ Is Back

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According to the AJC, Uga VIII will not be prowling the sidelines of the Liberty Bowl due to suffering from an illness. In his place will be Russ, our interim mascot once again. Russ is currently undefeated in bowl games, having presided over last year’s Independence Bowl victory over Texas A&M. Russ hasn’t been our mascot since week 6 of the season, when he passed over the reins to Uga VIII. Let’s hope he isn’t too rusty and is able to keep his bowl game winning streak alive.

Good luck to Russ and get well soon, Uga VIII.

Practice Photos Part 2

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Apologies, first off, as I’d meant to make this post yesterday afternoon. But important, end of the year type stuff got in the way of that so here we are.

Yesterday’s practice was off limits to the general public and I didn’t feel like pressing my luck with my “press pass” so, instead, here are a few more photos I took on my previous visit to a Dawgs’ bowl practice.

As practice began, the team lined up on one sideline and worked their way to the opposite sideline doing all sorts of little hops and high steps along the way:

With that all done, the guys split into two groups on opposite sides of the field with one group practicing punt returns and the other group doing the same with kick off returns. Drew Butler was in top form, thumping several balls high in the air:

Next up, the groups split up to do position drills. I was closest to the receivers and so got a few pictures of Coach Tony Ball running the guys through some route running drills as well as strip drills:

I mentioned in yesterday’s post how impressed I was with Coach Belin’s well-projected voice. Well, Coach Ball ain’t no slouch in that regard either. He was on Israel Troupe for seemingly the whole practice, providing constant encouragement by way of some light and not so light-hearted ribbing.

As I watched each position group practice, I began to notice some of the players who weren’t participating in the day’s practice. First up, Richard Samuel, who pretty much spent the time walking along the track:

I also got to see Quintin Banks hanging around. Quintin, if you’ll recall, decided to end his football playing career after a series of unfortunate knee injuries kept him from performing at a hundred percent for most of his time with the Dawgs. The other seniors on the team took it upon themselves to honor Banks by taking turns wearing his jersey number throughout the season. Very cool.

Here’s a photo of Justin Houston and Carlton Thomas on the sideline between drills.

And here’s one of Alec Ogletree, Brandon Boykin, Bacarri Rambo and Sanders Commings watching the kickoff return drill while Coach Scott Lakatos confers with Jordan Love:

Alright, that’s it for now. I had a great time watching practice and was glad to be able to snap a few photos before my hands froze off. Quite an unfortunate event, really, losing one’s hands to the cold. Which gives me the perfect excuse for why this post may be filled with typoes (in reality, I’m making this post from my iRobot phone so apologies for any grammatical errors).

Go Dawgs!

Photos From Practice

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So I’ve never been to a bowl practice before. I didn’t even know if security would let me past the front gate and in the case of such an unfortunate eventuality, I planned ahead. You see, I dummied myself up some credentials in the form of a pretty slick and professional looking press pass:

As I pulled up to the guard shack, I imagined just how it would all go down:

Draconian Guard: (Motioning for me to stop my car) Papers, please.
Innocent Me: (Handing over my press pass) I think you’ll find that everything is in order.
Draconian Guard: (Peering suspiciously at me and then the press pass) Get out of the car, sir.

That’s as far as I got with my little espionage fantasy before I found myself rolling down my car window at the guard shack. What really transpired was that the guard was exceedingly courteous and more than happy to direct me to a parking spot so that I could watch the Dawgs practice.

OK, with that adventure out of the way, on to the cool stuff, starting with the coolest thing first. As the team were milling about on the field with individual players warming up here and there, I noticed a tall fellow in a track suit walking along the sideline by himself. Further inspection revealed this person to be T.J. Stripling.

If you’ll recall, he suffered a pretty bad looking knee injury during the Colorado game and had season-ending surgery shortly thereafter. While the team practiced, T.J. walked around the track and on his second time around, he walked right in front of where I was sitting and looked up towards the stands. I gave him my biggest smile and asked how his knee was doing to which he replied with a grin, “It’s doing good”. You hear that, folks? It’s doing good.

Prior to practice starting, Coach Richt called the team together and gave a little talk.

It was at this exact moment that some grounds crew guy decided to start up his weed whacker so I was only able to hear snippets of what Coach Richt had to say. But I did hear “discipline” and “play hard” mentioned as well as something along the lines of not embarrassing the Presidents. I suppose this was in reference to playing in the Liberty Bowl, which I think is where we beat the British to advance to the next round of the playoffs for the Independence Bowl (played in Louisiana, naturally, where in 1814 General Jackson chased the British down the Mighty Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico).

One thing that struck me during practice was the voices of the coaches. Coach Warren Belin’s voice, in particular, stood out. It wasn’t like he was bellowing but let’s just say the man is able to project his voice quite ably. I suspect that if James Earl Jones ever got tired of saying the “This is CNN” slogan, Coach Belin could take over without much fuss.

I’ll post up a few more photos later on, along with some thoughts on the practice itself. But here’s one more:

I believe practice was listed as starting at 1:45pm. I got there early and upon rounding the corner into the stadium, I saw Aaron Murray and Hutson Mason having a game of catch in the endzone. This was roughly twenty minutes before anyone else other than a few coaches and miscellaneous staff was around. Watching them, it really reminded me of back in the day when a buddy of mine and I would spend hours just tossing the football around on his street or at the intramural fields. Well, except that maybe their passes might have had a bit more zip to them.

Go Dawgs!

Mission Accomplished

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Got a chance to see the Dawgs practice earlier today and managed to take a few photos in the process. Here’s one of Aron White discussing important football matters with members of the sideline staff:

I’ll post up a few more photos tomorrow. In the meantime, take a look at this “Hot Seat” interview with Dawgs commit, Corey Moore, over on Scout. Something about that kid makes me like him.

Also, seems Coach Fox’s boys are playing a game against Charleston Southern in Stegeman right now. Well, actually, it’s at the half and Georgia is up by 21.

Practice Photos 1
Practice Photos 2

Go Dawgs!

A.J. & Washaun Represent

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Apparently the Dawgs got to watch a Memphis Grizzlies game last night at the FedEx Forum. In addition, Coach Richt was presented with a Grizzlies jersey and A.J. Green and Washaun Ealey got a chance to be part of the halftime entertainment, beating two members of the Central Florida’s football team in a basket-shooting contest. According to Seth Emerson, our boys combined for 3 airballs but A.J. made a 3-pointer and Washaun contributed 2 lay ups for final score of 9-8. Here’s a photo taken by Christian Robinson of the Dawgs’ view from the stands:

Dawgs continue their practice today at 1:45pm. I don’t know if the practices are open to the public or not and I’d prefer not have to resort to Geraldo Rivera tactics and disclose sensitive information. Besides, I’m not too good at clandestine operations. Hopefully, I can report back with a few pictures. Wish me luck.

Go Dawgs!

Let’s Go Falcons!

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Air Force Academy Falcons, that is. Kick off for the Independence Bowl between Georgia Tech and Air Force is minutes away. It is our patriotic duty to root for the Falcons and against the Yellow Jackets.

Tech better look out. Fast movers inbound.

Are We There Yet?

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It’s my understanding that most if not all of the Dawgs along with the coaching staff have made it safely here to Memphis. Well, except for those who weren’t coming anyway. But this morning I see on the news that most of the Eastern Seaboard, particularly the Northeast, is snowed in, making travel difficult. Now, I know most of our guys are Southern Boys but we do have a few from up North, including Artie Lynch, from Massachusetts and Akeem Hebron and Marcus Dowtin, both from Maryland. Let’s hope these guys are here already and won’t have to put up with all the travel hassles.

Go Dawgs!

Dawgs In Memphis, Tech At Shreveport

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I don’t know about y’all but I had a pretty good Christmas. Good friends, good food, good loot and a gigantic tin of Danish butter cookies. Dawgs are coming to town today and will be conducting practices at Rhodes College, about a mile and a half from my front door and I just happen to have a friend who works on the inside, if you know what I mean. I’m interested to see what I can see in the coming week.

In the meantime, take a look at what I saw yesterday:

Those are Tech and Air Force players having a dance contest down in Shreveport, by the way. At least I think that’s what they’re doing. Or maybe, like the honeybee, the Tech players are showing the Air Force players the direction of a food source through dance.

Home By Christmas

Posted in Good Feeling on Saturday December 25th, 2010 \am\31 11:35 am by Big Muddy Dawg

If you are able,
save them a place
inside of you
and save one backward glance
when you are leaving
for the places they can
no longer go.
Be not ashamed to say
you loved them,
though you may
or may not have always.
Take what they have left
and what they have taught you
with their dying
and keep it with your own.
And in that time
when men decide and feel safe
to call the war insane,
take one moment to embrace
those gentle heroes
you left behind.

Major Michael Davis O’Donnell
January 1, 1970
Dak To, Vietnam
MIA over Cambodia, remains returned home 31 years later.

I don’t have everything that I want in this world. But I have much more than I probably deserve. Thank you to everyone responsible for my quality of life, past and present.

Merry Christmas and Go Dawgs!

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