Bulldogs Beat Bees

Dustin Ware, ladies and gentlemen. He went 7 of 9 from three point range, including the game winner with just under twenty seconds remaining and finished with 21 points, which ties his career scoring high, I believe.

And how about freshman Sherrard Brantley? He seemed to get into a rhythm, hitting a three and giving us our first lead of the night almost halfway through the second period and following that up on the next possession with another three to preserve the lead.

Trey Thompkins still seems a little rusty from time to time but made some clutch baskets down the stretch, finishing with 21 points. Only 12 more to reach the 1000 point mark.

Both Travis Leslie and Gerald Robinson Jr. got into early foul trouble but it was Robinson who made the great pass to Dustin Ware, allowing him to hit the game winner. Unfortunately, Robinson missed both his free throws after the foul by the ‘Jackets following their score to bring it within a point. In fact, Dawgs only managed to shoot 46% from the line for the night, which is going to get us into trouble sooner rather than later if we keep it up. The poor free throw shooting didn’t end up costing us tonight because Travis Leslie managed to do his best Justin Houston impersonation, picking off the ensuing ‘Jackets inbound pass after Robinson’s misses to preserve the win.

This was a pretty tight contest from start to finish. We played sloppily, particularly during the first half and that, coupled with Tech’s early accurate shooting from the perimeter, allowed them to stay ahead for most of the game. But we tightened up on defense in the second half and seemed to hustle to rebounds more and when Tech finally cooled off a bit from hitting the threes, we settled in and pulled out another close game, winning 73 – 72. On the road. Against Tech.

Just over a week ago, we defeated Tech in football. And last night, we beat them in basketball. It’s been ten years since we last beat them in Atlanta and I’m feeling pretty confident at the moment. So what’s next? Competitive button mashing?

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!


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