So Long, Corch

As you’ve all heard by now, I’m sure, the University of Florida scheduled a press conference late yesterday evening to announce Brett Favre’s Urban Meyer’s resignation.


Although I don’t recall hearing any talk about a move like this coming, I don’t think any of us are really very surprised by it. The question now is who’s next? Dan Mullen seems like an obvious choice. Charlie Strong, another. You know, whenever these coaching changes take place, it seems like Boise State’s head coach, Chris Petersen, is a name that’s mentioned often as a possible replacement. Second only to John Gruden, that is.

I find Gruden’s name being bandied about as a candidate for a college head coaching position laughable. First off, why the hell would he want to leave a cush position in the booth calling games to deal with all of the intricacies of college football? When was the last time he coached at the college level? The Nineties? Think he’d have the patience to deal with recruiting? Or student athletes instead of professional football players? And just what was his record as a head coach the last few years before he retired?

Alright, I’m going to cut straight to the chase here. The Denver Broncos just fired their head coach. The same head coach who drafted Tim Tebow. With a new head coach coming in, how secure is Tebow’s position on the roster? A forward-thinking Tim Tebow would do well to consider applying for the head coaching position of the Florida Gators. It’s a match made in Heaven, I tell you. What’s that, you say? Tim Tebow has never been a coach nor does he have the necessary experience to head a Division 1 football team?

Know any Division 1 head coaches who can levitate an orange? Me neither. Send in that resume, Tim. That job is yours to lose.


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