Fans React To Recent Goings On

Wow, what a fun couple of days it’s been, huh? It’s like a butterfly flapped its wings and half the world away, a tsunami crashed down on, say, Austin, Texas. Who would have thought that one man quitting his day job could provide the rest of us with so much entertainment? Here’s a quick look around the college landscape in the wake of all the excitement this weekend.

First up, it was business as usual way up north in Boise, Idaho, where Chris Petersen remains head coach despite his name being brought up every time a Big Name Program™ goes looking for a new head coach:

Further south, Arkansas head coach, Bobby Petrino, rumored to have been a prospect during Florida’s coaching search, is said to have extended his current contract with the University. Meanwhile, the scene in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas as word of Petrino’s contract extension spread:

But it’s not all happy fun time for everyone, particularly for those who might reside in the Loveliest Village on the Plains. With rumors swirling that Gus Malzahn might be a potential candidate for the opening in Florida, in a humorous turn of events, word is that Auburn’s hotshot offensive coordinator is now ready to accept the position of head coach at Vanderbilt. Initial reactions from War Eagle fans are hard to gauge at the moment:

Mississippi State fans, however, were very clear in their feelings on the matter of their head coach, Dan Mullen, being the obvious successor to Urban Meyer at Florida. It’s said that they kept quite the vigil around the Tofu Dogs’ athletic complex:

But the long nights spent by Mississippi State fans guarding their head coach from being swooped away was all for naught when, instead, Florida went further west and took former defensive coordinator and “Head Coach in waiting”, Will Muschamp, away from Austin and the Texas Longhorns. It’s not really safe to be around Texas fans right now so instead here’s a little something that seems fitting:


I’m not really sure how the rest of you feel about Florida’s hire. But I know that I’m relieved they didn’t get Petersen, Petrino, Malzahn or Mullen. Nothing against Will Muschamp. I’m sure he’ll do a fine job down in Gainesville. But it’s a long off season and I’ll adopt a wait and see attitude for now.


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