Tallahassee And Beyond

Well, looks like Cornelius “Tank” Carradine picked Tallahassee to make his home for the next couple of years. Congratulations to the Seminoles as it looks like they got a good one.

It sucks to miss on a recruit, particularly one who looked like he could come in and contribute right away. With the uncertainty of whether we can count on having Justin Houston on the roster next Fall, signing Tank could have helped alleviate some of those concerns. However, it should be noted that next season will see the addition of Southern Cal transfer, Jarvis Jones, into the mix at linebacker as well as a redshirted Richard Samuel, who I think will fit back into his role at linebacker very naturally. And don’t forget that T.J. Stripling is recovering well from his knee injury suffered during the Colorado game and should be good to go as early as Spring Camp. We certainly could have used Tank, but missing out on him doesn’t kill us.

That said, there is a certain JuCo nose tackle by the name of John Jenkins, out of Gulf Coast Community College in Mississippi, that we have got to sign. Listed at 6’4″ and 340 pounds, this is a rather large human being. Remember ‘Bama in ’07? Made the switch to the 3-4 Defense and went 6-6, with bad losses to Louisiana-Monroe and Mississippi State. After the season, they went out and signed themselves a nose tackle. You might remember him as Mt. Cody.

Remember how poorly we defended against the run because none of our defensive linemen were able to command a double team, allowing our linebackers to face less blockers? Yeah, we need Mr. Jenkins in a bad way. Yes, we’ve got Bean coming back from toe surgery, but it remains to be seen how well he’ll adapt to the defensive side of the ball after switching from offensive line. I’d go so far as to say that John Jenkins is more important to our class than signing Isaiah Crowell. Actually typing that out and reading it makes me think I might be a little crazy. But I’m good at crazy. It’s my natural state.

Go Dawgs!


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