It’s Bowl Season

Happy First Day of Bowl Season, everyone! We’ve got three very exciting bowl games today. Not really sure how exciting the actual match ups are but there are three of them!

First up, the New Mexico Bowl, featuring BYU vs UTEP. Knowing absolutely nothing about either these two teams, I predict that BYU will win because UTEP has to forfeit the game on account of getting lost because they forgot to take that left turn at Albuquerque.

Next up, the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl. A quick Google search shows that uDrove is a company with a pretty snappy logo: “uDrove, We’ll do the rest!” Hey! I feel immediately comforted. Just as well, because this is a pretty tedious bowl game. Seems they want you driving everywhere. First of all, this bowl is held in Boise, Idaho. While Fresno State fans will only have to travel over 1400 miles to attend, Northern Illinois faithful face a round trip of over 3200 miles. And then come to find out that the game is played in bluegrass country! I’ll take Fresno State in this one because their mascot is the Bulldogs. Can’t root against our own kind.

And finally, the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, matching up Ohio versus Troy. R+L Carriers. What is that, some new kind of math? Regardless, this bowl game is basically a dress rehearsal for the Sugar Bowl, played a few weeks later in the same location, the Louisiana Superdome. Yeah, instead of a picture of the New Orleans Bowl, I’ve included a picture of the Dawgs in the Sugar Bowl from a few years back. But, hey, like Colt Brennan did, you can clearly see the turf. I claim no familiarity with either of these two teams other than the fact that Knowshon Moreno almost went for 300 yards against Troy a few seasons ago and South Carolina almost scored 300 points on them this season. Because of that and because I like Ohio’s mascot (the Bobcats), I’m going with the boys from up north.

Bowl games all day on ESPN, starting at 2:00pm EST. Make sure to tune in for what, I’m sure, will be a glorious day of football. Besides, this is the beginning of the end of the 2010 college football season. I’m clinging on, folks.


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