Bulldogs Battle Bears

Dawgs have a game tonight in Macon against the Mercer Bears. While researching our opponent, I came across this write up. Some pertinent info:

  • This will be the 75th meeting between these two teams in a series that dates back to 1907, although tonight’s game will be the first time in eleven years that the teams have met.
  • The Dawgs were Mercer’s first intercollegiate opponent in their basketball program’s inaugural season, with Georgia winning the contest 65-11 in Athens (the Bears first actual game versus anyone was played against a team made up of elements of a light cavalry regiment stationed in the area, the Macon Hussars).
  • On the Bears’ return trip to Macon after their first game in Athens, the train they were riding wrecked. In an article by the AJC about the game, this quote was written regarding the unfortunate ursine unpleasantness:

“…without the loss of a single man, they boarded the fender of the engine and were safely landed at home”.

Praise be. Tune in tonight on CSS at 7:00pm EST if you can’t safely land in Macon.

Go Dawgs!




One Response to “Bulldogs Battle Bears”

  1. I can’t even safely land on CSS.

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