Photos From Practice

So I’ve never been to a bowl practice before. I didn’t even know if security would let me past the front gate and in the case of such an unfortunate eventuality, I planned ahead. You see, I dummied myself up some credentials in the form of a pretty slick and professional looking press pass:

As I pulled up to the guard shack, I imagined just how it would all go down:

Draconian Guard: (Motioning for me to stop my car) Papers, please.
Innocent Me: (Handing over my press pass) I think you’ll find that everything is in order.
Draconian Guard: (Peering suspiciously at me and then the press pass) Get out of the car, sir.

That’s as far as I got with my little espionage fantasy before I found myself rolling down my car window at the guard shack. What really transpired was that the guard was exceedingly courteous and more than happy to direct me to a parking spot so that I could watch the Dawgs practice.

OK, with that adventure out of the way, on to the cool stuff, starting with the coolest thing first. As the team were milling about on the field with individual players warming up here and there, I noticed a tall fellow in a track suit walking along the sideline by himself. Further inspection revealed this person to be T.J. Stripling.

If you’ll recall, he suffered a pretty bad looking knee injury during the Colorado game and had season-ending surgery shortly thereafter. While the team practiced, T.J. walked around the track and on his second time around, he walked right in front of where I was sitting and looked up towards the stands. I gave him my biggest smile and asked how his knee was doing to which he replied with a grin, “It’s doing good”. You hear that, folks? It’s doing good.

Prior to practice starting, Coach Richt called the team together and gave a little talk.

It was at this exact moment that some grounds crew guy decided to start up his weed whacker so I was only able to hear snippets of what Coach Richt had to say. But I did hear “discipline” and “play hard” mentioned as well as something along the lines of not embarrassing the Presidents. I suppose this was in reference to playing in the Liberty Bowl, which I think is where we beat the British to advance to the next round of the playoffs for the Independence Bowl (played in Louisiana, naturally, where in 1814 General Jackson chased the British down the Mighty Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico).

One thing that struck me during practice was the voices of the coaches. Coach Warren Belin’s voice, in particular, stood out. It wasn’t like he was bellowing but let’s just say the man is able to project his voice quite ably. I suspect that if James Earl Jones ever got tired of saying the “This is CNN” slogan, Coach Belin could take over without much fuss.

I’ll post up a few more photos later on, along with some thoughts on the practice itself. But here’s one more:

I believe practice was listed as starting at 1:45pm. I got there early and upon rounding the corner into the stadium, I saw Aaron Murray and Hutson Mason having a game of catch in the endzone. This was roughly twenty minutes before anyone else other than a few coaches and miscellaneous staff was around. Watching them, it really reminded me of back in the day when a buddy of mine and I would spend hours just tossing the football around on his street or at the intramural fields. Well, except that maybe their passes might have had a bit more zip to them.

Go Dawgs!


7 Responses to “Photos From Practice”

  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing. And +1 for not having to go thru the cavity search.

  2. Good stuff. Thanks for risking your freedom, life and limbs. A thousand GO DAWGS!!! in your general direction.

    Did the Draconian Guard resemble DVH in any way? Maybe one of his new roles…?

    • Haha, now that you mention it…

      I did see Van Halanger as he was talking to one of the guys taping the practice. In interviews I’ve heard with Coach DVH, I’ve always been struck by how soft-spoken he seems to be. It’s true in real life, too. Soft-spoken and happy to share a kind word and a smile. It’s no wonder the guys love him as much as they do.

      That said, I hope the guys don’t love Coach Tereshinski. Except for years later, when they can look back and know they won’t ever have to go through his S&C program again.

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