Practice Photos Part 2

Apologies, first off, as I’d meant to make this post yesterday afternoon. But important, end of the year type stuff got in the way of that so here we are.

Yesterday’s practice was off limits to the general public and I didn’t feel like pressing my luck with my “press pass” so, instead, here are a few more photos I took on my previous visit to a Dawgs’ bowl practice.

As practice began, the team lined up on one sideline and worked their way to the opposite sideline doing all sorts of little hops and high steps along the way:

With that all done, the guys split into two groups on opposite sides of the field with one group practicing punt returns and the other group doing the same with kick off returns. Drew Butler was in top form, thumping several balls high in the air:

Next up, the groups split up to do position drills. I was closest to the receivers and so got a few pictures of Coach Tony Ball running the guys through some route running drills as well as strip drills:

I mentioned in yesterday’s post how impressed I was with Coach Belin’s well-projected voice. Well, Coach Ball ain’t no slouch in that regard either. He was on Israel Troupe for seemingly the whole practice, providing constant encouragement by way of some light and not so light-hearted ribbing.

As I watched each position group practice, I began to notice some of the players who weren’t participating in the day’s practice. First up, Richard Samuel, who pretty much spent the time walking along the track:

I also got to see Quintin Banks hanging around. Quintin, if you’ll recall, decided to end his football playing career after a series of unfortunate knee injuries kept him from performing at a hundred percent for most of his time with the Dawgs. The other seniors on the team took it upon themselves to honor Banks by taking turns wearing his jersey number throughout the season. Very cool.

Here’s a photo of Justin Houston and Carlton Thomas on the sideline between drills.

And here’s one of Alec Ogletree, Brandon Boykin, Bacarri Rambo and Sanders Commings watching the kickoff return drill while Coach Scott Lakatos confers with Jordan Love:

Alright, that’s it for now. I had a great time watching practice and was glad to be able to snap a few photos before my hands froze off. Quite an unfortunate event, really, losing one’s hands to the cold. Which gives me the perfect excuse for why this post may be filled with typoes (in reality, I’m making this post from my iRobot phone so apologies for any grammatical errors).

Go Dawgs!


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