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None Compared

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Take a look at the video of Ray Drew’s announcement yesterday if you haven’t already seen it.

“Throughout all the War Eagles and all the Go Tigers and throwing up the U of Miami, none compared to the two words that say it all: Go Dawgs!”

It makes a man proud to hear words like that. We’ve got quite the group of incoming recruits and more on the way. National Signing Day can’t get here soon enough!


Ray Drew Is A Dawg

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It was a pretty poorly kept secret but Thomas County Central’s DE Ray Drew sure tried his best to keep folks guessing. But, in the end, as we all knew he would, Ray selected the University of Georgia as the place where he’d like to play ball. That’s one more member added to our growing roster, with a few more on the way. In fact, during his announcement, Ray called on OT Antonio Richardson, RB Isaiah Crowell, N John Jenkins, DE Jeoffrey Pagan and LB Kent Turene to join him as part of the Dream Team. I think they’ll listen.

What a big day for the Dawgs. No, I take that back. What a big offseason. I’d be lying if I thought I’d be feeling this good about Georgia Football at this point in the year, especially after what happened on the last day of last year. But it’s a new year and our coaching staff have done an outstanding job on the recruiting trail. We’ve just picked up the number 9 ranked player in the country, our list of commitments is incredibly strong, there are positive changes being made to the football program and it’s looking like full steam ahead on into Spring Camp and Summer workouts. Oh yeah, and we’re still undefeated this year!

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!

Hate & Renovate

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First things first: To Hell with Florida. Hell.

Next up, take a look at some photos of the renovations at Butts-Mehre, up on Dawgs247.

I’m saddened to see the blank spot where number 8 would be. But I sure am happy for number 8. Definitely head on over and check out the rest of the shots. It’s looking really good.

Random Thoughts

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So I hear we’re a basketball school now. What is it, four sell outs in a row? Craziness. But I guess when the Florida Gators come to town, it makes it very easy to cheer against them.  And, wow, a prime time spot on ESPN as well? We need to secure a very long-term contract for Coach Mark Fox. He’s earned it for sure.

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for a few days. I have to say, though, this time off has been very recuperative. I didn’t realize how much this past season took out of me. I guess that’s one good thing about a long off season: plenty of time to recharge the batteries.

I’ve read that we got another commitment this week. Offensive lineman, Xavier Ward, makes 22 recruits who have made the wise decision to spend some formative years in Athens, Georgia. I also read a bit of grumbling about how come we didn’t get Taylor Gadbois or Antonio Richardson. Well, I believe Richardson is still in the mix and Gadbois’ dream school is Da U. And, besides, it’s not like Ward is some nobody. If you’ll recall, we were pretty hot after Ward all of last year. But when he hesitated after getting an offer and Zach DeBell committed, well, we were running out of room. But early departures and other attrition to the team has caused some space to open up. I’m happy to have the commitment of the top-rated offensive lineman in the state of Georgia.

I’m feeling unusually confident about how things fall into place as we approach National Signing Day. This class that we’ve got now and will continue to add to until early next month is something special. There is a camaraderie amongst our recruits that gives me much hope as we head on into Spring camp and off season workouts. All accounts of the new direction our strength and conditioning program is taking has me excited to see the results.

We’ve got a big couple of weeks coming up. But more importantly, we’ve got a big game tonight against the Florida Gators. A win over a divisional foe in the tight race that is the SEC East is huge. But I have every confidence in Coach Mark Fox and his Hounds.

Go Dawgs!

In Case You Missed It

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Yesterday was a big day for the Georgia Bulldogs. We managed to pick up a couple of verbal commitments from Valdosta’s Jay Rome and Malcolm Mitchell. Rome and family drove down to Tallahassee to record his announcement on a segment that was aired on ESPNU yesterday afternoon while his teammate, Mitchell’s announcement was held at a local eatery and aired by a south Georgia radio station.

Check out both Rome’s and Mitchell’s commitment.

I especially liked the role Malcolm’s brother played in the process of his announcement, putting back his sister’s “choice” of hats until only one remained, emblazoned with the glorious Oval G.

Rome, if you’ll notice from his video, made a small gesture just before making his choice, swiping his nose in a move that he and his cohorts have dubbed the “Cocky Sniff”. Damian Swann made this same gesture during his announcement at the US Army All-America Bowl and Rome did it once again when he arrived at Mitchell’s announcement last evening.

Keep in mind that we’ve got a few big time recruits still left on the board, including Ray Drew, Isaiah Crowell, John Jenkins and Kent Turene, among others. Jenkins, Crowell, Turene and the recently committed Quintavious Harrow will be in Athens this weekend for their official visits and there’s a feeling that we may pick up one more commitment before the weekend is over. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen but we’ll know one way or another in the next few days. Also, Drew is slated to make his announcement next Friday, the 28th.

This is shaping up to be quite the month for the Dawgs. While it’s true that we’ve lost offensive line coach and run-game coordinator, Stacy Searels, to the Texas Longhorns, we’ve also added some new members to the Bulldog family. Coach Richt has addressed the issue of Coach Searels’ departure from Athens with our offensive line recruits and it’s said that they are all standing firm in their commitments.

While it’s always great to be a Georgia Bulldog, I have to say that this week has been especially nice. After a tumultuous season, some good news is just what this team and fan base needed. And we got that good news yesterday with, hopefully, more to come in the short time left before National Signing Day.

Go Dawgs!

Tampa Too

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Malcolm “Tampa” Mitchell has verbally committed to UGA! He joins his teammate, Jay Rome, who committed to the Dawgs just a few hours ago. In a post-announcement interview, Jay Rome said he thought he was 99.9% sure Mitchell was going to ‘Bama! I’m not sure if that’s completely true but it gave me a huge smile to hear it.

Mitchell says Alabama was in the lead for his commitment during the whole process but that during a visit to Athens, “things just felt right, you know what I mean?”. He went on to say that he “pulled the plug” on Tuesday night, firming up his decision to commit to the Dawgs.

We’ve picked up two big time players today. I don’t think many of us thought we really had a shot at Deion Barnes, who announced earlier this morning that he was staying home to play at Penn State. But we just got our own two guys who wanted to stay home also. There’s a lot to like about that.

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!

Rome’s Road Leads To Athens

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[UPDATE]: Tampa Too

Jay Rome has verbally committed to UGA! All that’s left is to fax in his letter of intent in a couple of weeks.

“We are going to get some of the best guys to fill out this class and win a lot of games at UGA.”

That’s one down, folks, with one more to go this evening, at 8:00, when Malcolm Mitchell makes his announcement.

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!

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