Strength & Conditioning

I came across a couple of photos posted up by Dawgs linebacker, Christian Robinson, of the new weight room. If you’ll recall, Dawgs have had to lift in “The Dungeon” while the new weight room and other facilities were upgraded or constructed these past couple of seasons. But no longer. Take a look:

You know, looking at these pictures, I’m immediately struck by how similar the setup is to my own home gym. Well, Dawgs might have better equipment, more space and much nicer lighting. But you take all that away and, yeah, it’s just like my home gym. I get the feeling that Joe Tereshinski and his staff are going to make the Dawgs sick of this new weight room during the offseason. That’s the hope, anyways.

One last thing: I guess I should mention the BCS game last night. It went about how I expected, with a little less scoring and more turnovers that I would have thought. But congratulations to Auburn University on winning its first National Championship since 1957. They played well against a very good Oregon team and the Tigers’ defense, in particular, really stepped up.

I have to say, though, the biggest impression I got from last night’s game is this: Nick Saban is incapable of talking without using his hands. While he provided lots of really good insight into the game, his wild gesturing proved to be quite a distraction for me. Often times, I found myself not even listening to what Coach Saban had to say, instead, focusing on what his active hands were doing. Hell, I kept waiting for that player, who Saban was clearly signaling, to slide into home plate from third.

Go Dawgs!


5 Responses to “Strength & Conditioning”

  1. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation Says:

    LMAO! Too funny! Urban was trying really hard too! He wants a gig on ESPN bad from what I’ve heard….they’ll pump his ego as much as he wants!

    GO DAWGS!!!

  2. Spot on. Saban’s analysis was excellent, but his freakin hands were so distracting I kept forgetting Meyer was even there.

    When Meyer spoke, he had that uncofortable looking smirk, almost always looking at Saban (sort of like “w/t/#, Nick, I quit coaching to get this gig and you’re still trying to show me up?”).

  3. Those weren’t just energetic hand gestures by an over caffeinated Nick Saban. Everyone knows he’s a member of the Illuminati and those were messages to his followers to rise up. Why do you think Les Miles is all fired up to leave LSU now? He saw Saban signaling in the “big play” on him and decided it’s not only best to leave town, he’s going as far away as he can without leaving the country. Gene was fortunate to be on national TV and so escape. If Nick had placed his thumbs in his ears and waved his hands back and forth like a drunken moose, Kirby would have dropped everything and headed toward Auburn like a zombie to wait for him.

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