I’m Worried About Vanderbilt

Is it possible to have a let down game in basketball after securing a big time victory in the previous game? I know it happens in football with enough consistency that it’s now a thing that people talk about. But here’s where my ignorance in basketball shines through yet again. Of course, Vanderbilt basketball is not to be taken lightly so I’d be very surprised if Coach Fox’s boys don’t come into this game knowing how important it is to win on the road, particularly in SEC play.

Still, I can’t shake this bad feeling I’ve got about tonight’s game. Travel issues due to bad weather and Vanderbilt’s home court advantage aside, my fear is that our defense of perimeter shooting could be a problem tonight. I’m not really sure why I think that, though. After all, it was Vanderbilt’s poor shooting from beyond the arc that ultimately lead to their loss against South Carolina in overtime the other night. Still, I worry.

But that won’t keep me from tuning in tonight at 8:00pm EST on ESPN3. Hopefully, the video feed will be a lot better than how it was during the Kentucky game, and I’ll actually get to see some shots being made.

Go Dawgs!


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