So I read this article on Dawgs247 where a couple of Dawgs recruits are already in town, enrolled early and ready to start classes.

UGA was expecting to have three early enrollees from its 2011 signing class report this past week, but Griffin safety Corey Moore, as it turned out, must wait until June. Moore said he still needs one class during his final semester.

All this talk recently about recruits and the whole process of recruiting reminded me of someone. Y’all remember Marcus Stroud, right? Verballed to the Gators but then switched to the Dawgs after Jim Donnan was hired?

Marcus Stroud, as you know, is currently a defensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills, where he’s a three-time Pro Bowler. Oh, hey, look what he had to say after the BCS Championship game:

Some small part of me wants to think this is a karmic connection sort of thing. I was reminded of Marcus Stroud during this frenzy period of recruiting and, in turn, Marcus Stroud mentions “Now it’s the Year of the Dawg.”


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